Blankney members would would like to play must   pay the entry fee (£7) before they will be allocated a start time!!!!!                                                                        

Tee times will be sorted and notified by 20th May 2018   

William Litchfield Beeston Fields GC   Phil Hewes Stoke Rochford
Steve Wilkinson York GC   Brian Keightley Stoke Rochford
Walter Gomersall York GC   Roy Lewis Toft Hotel
Niel Crapper York GC   Bill Dark South Kyme
Peter Rylance York GC   Paul Eales South Kyme
Chris Metcalfe York GC   Alistair Grant South Kyme
Chris Moss York GC   Neil Gilbert South Kyme
Steve Falkner York GC   John Heathcote Norwood Park
Richard Shouksmith York GC   Gary Goodburn Norwood Park
Richard Lawton Kibworth GC   Brian Marriott Boston
Terry Vasey Kibworth GC   Nev Kemp Boston
Graham Marshall Peterborough Milton   Mike Crampton Spalding
Ian Smith Peterborough Milton   Dave Tasker Spalding
Yim Kong Nene Park   Maurice Crunkhorn Spalding
Ian Jarvis Greetham Valley   Leonard Franklin Welton Manor 
Mark Downs Greetham Valley   Mike McPhail Boston West
Roger Adley Sherwood Forest   Kevin Swain Forest Pines
Mike Taylor Sherwood Forest   Brian Dobson Welton Manor
Jim Durrand Sherwood Forest   Tom Pickering Welton Manor
Peter Johnson Sherwood Forest   Steve Dalton Welton Manor
Neil Harris Woodhall Spa   Mike Newbold Radcliffe on Trent
Phil Couzens Dore & Totley   Dave Ecob Radcliffe on Trent
Jim Wheeler Greetham Valley   Garry Hallam Radcliffe on Trent
Howard Jones Burghley Park   David Hargreaves Radcliffe on Trent
George Grant Greetham Valley   Allan Caldwell Market Harborough
Steve Anderson Greetham Valley   Hugh Nicholson Canwick Park
Geoff Woolley Greetham Valley   Paul Millikin Kings Lynn
George Brand Greetham Valley   Weng Choong Choo Kings Lynn
Paul Clegg Greetham Valley   Peter Beel Elsham
Graham Smith Greetham Valley   Colin North Forest Pines
Don Werner Stoke Rochford   Keith Springham Scraptoft
Philip Gurr Kings Lynn   Charlie Ip Lincoln
Richard Kerkham Kings Lynn   Ken Green Elton Furze
Peter Gresham Sleaford   Mike Merrison Blankney
Don Donovan Sleaford   John Kent Blankney
Barry White Elton Furze   Robbie Boyce Blankney
David Beaver Peterborough Milton      
John Bradshaw Elton Furze      
Philip Hilton Sleaford      
Wayne Wallace Spalding      
David Halfteck Spalding      
Albert Jacobs Spalding      
Peter Marshal Woodhall Spa