The Senior Captain's Drive In Report.

The Senior Captains Drive In Competition.


Monday 7th March saw the drive-in competition for 2022 seniors captain, Ivor Samways.

Lindsay ‘Jock’ Gordon judged the drive distance correctly at 173 yards.

Jock kindly placed the prize money into the charity box.

The charity for 2022 is L.I.V.E.S. which is based in Horncastle.

Forty-six seniors competed in a match play format, played through all of the eighteen holes.

The result: the vice captain, Paul Finley and his team won the match.

The score: 18 up to 14 up after the eighteen holes.

With four wins, four losses and four halves per team, the match would have been halved in normal match-play.

Warm sausage rolls and port were provided by the house and social.

Many thanks to Julien Peckham and Steve McGinty.


Blankney GC Senior Section Captain.

Ivor Samways.