Gentlemen with Covid-19 restrictions limiting the number of people allowed to meet up, i.e. “rule of six” play safe rules from the EGU and the Club’s efforts to ensure we can continue to enjoy our game in a safe and secure way. Reintroduction and running the Senior’s roll-ups, on a Monday & Friday remains not an option for the foreseeable future and an alternative method to give our Section some sort of friendly competition over the winter months was discussed by the Senior Executive Committee during our last meeting.

            Continuing on the excellent work our Secretary, John Wood, as done over the past weeks running all the comp’s through the Club V1 booking system we have decided to run some “fun winter comps” on a Monday while Fridays will remain a book your own tee time day.   

These will range for individual stapleford to team games, i.e. waltz, traffic lights etc. Members will book themselves onto the comp as before on the Club V1 system and a draw will be made accordingly. We were looking to start them after this year’s last qualifier and planned for 2nd Nov but due to that being World Handicap Day, the system won’t let us! So we are now aiming for Mon 9th Nov.

We have spoken to quite of few of you over the past weeks and I hope you can all support our efforts. We are initially planning to have 2 booking time slots of 08.00 -09.00 & 09.08-10.00 and adjust then accordingly, once we have an ideal of number, time slot preferences and sustainability. Anyone without access to the booking system will be able to book themselves into the comps, as before, by contacting John Wood and options / rules to compensate for frosty morning and a trolley ban will be published before we start.

Robby Boyce