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The Seniors' Away Day

The Seniors' Away Day


Please note that The Away Day which is due to take place 1st May, has now has been postponed until Fri 4 Sept 2020.
Fred Fox(Seniors' Captain)

Senior Matches and Competitions During Covid19 Crisis

All Senior Matches and Competitions

Gentlemen; after a discussion on Friday following the Government’s announcements and the Club’s decision to close the club house, our Senior’s Captain(Fred Fox) and Senior’s Secretary(John Wood) feel it is only prudent to postpone all the upcoming Matches & Competitions (Monthly Qualifiers and Boarded Comp’s) until further notice. This decision has not been taken lightly and will be kept under constant review in line with governmental and England Golf guide lines. To which end; I have asked our web-man (Mike M) to remove all team sheets and start times from the web page.

As for the Monday & Friday Senior Roll-ups; the usual tee times are booked through 3 Apr 20 and members are free to use these accordingly, please follow the club’s guidance on social play post on the web and displayed on the course. I will ask a couple of the usual attendees to canvass those present on Monday & Friday of the coming week as to whether you wish us to continue booking tee times in the usual manner or go to individuals booking their own social golf tee times.

Take care all

Robby Boyce Senior’s V’Captain



Gentlemen; after a discussion today with the Club’s Management and the Senior’s Captain the monthly qualifier on the 23rd March 20 will be at 17 hole competition, if the 2nd hole is still out of commission, which will count towards the Order of Merit & Eclectic, but will NOT be a handicap qualifier. I have reserved tee times from 07:42 to 09:34, which will be the standard booking throughout this year. If you wish to play outside of these tee times please book a tee time and let John Wood know that you wish your score to be included for this competition. Notwithstanding any probation that may be imposed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Robby Boyce Senior’s V’Captain


Had a lovely day for the match. Not too much wind.  A couple of very light drizzles.
Going by the talks afterwards seems all Players enjoyed themselves.
I would like to thanks all Players for turning up and making the day worthwhile.
Julian and Laura did us proud for all three Captains Drive Ins. The drinks went down very
well with the warm sausage rolls.
Today's results,
                  Captain. 7.5  v. Vice Captain. 3.5
                  Captains Drive  171 yds  Won by Ken RAPLEY.
                  Longest Drive 18th hole. Won by Bob MANSER.
Fred Fox(Seniors' Captain)




Once each month from March through October we run a qualifying competition.  These are normally Stablefords, however in June and August we have Medal Competitions.  Entry is easy, just roll-up on the first tee between 07:30 and 09:00 make up a group, on a first come basis and play the eighteen holes.  If you wish to play later on the day, book a tee time and let John Wood know that you wish your score to be included.  Enter your score on the computer and pay your £2 entry into the Seniors’ jar in the Clubhouse before 17:00.  Most of the money will be shared between the first five places.  The first of these qualifiers will be on Monday, 23rd March (assuming the second is open of course).


We hold six “Board” Competitions during the season.  Entry sheets can be found upstairs on the “Seniors” Noticeboard.  The draw will be made at least a week before the event.  On the day, pay the entry fee (£5 including “2s”) and collect your card from the Pro-shop.  Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd  which will be presented at one of the two Club Presentation evenings held in the Club House.  The first of these Competitions, will be The Kenneth Williams Cup on Monday, 30th March. 

This competition acts as a qualifier towards the Senior Knock-out, the Reg Woolley Trophy. Ideally, there should be 31 qualifying places plus the previous year’s winner giving a competition with five rounds.  However in recent years we have struggled to get this amount of entries and have consequently reduced the number of qualifiers and the number of rounds needed.  Again this year the number of qualifiers will be reflected by the number of entries i.e.:  less than 25 = 16,  less than 12 = 8 qualifiers.

Running alongside the Eight Qualifiers and the Six Board Comps will be the Eclectic (best score on each hole during the Season) and the Order of Merit.  If you would like to be considered for either or both of these, please add your name to the list on the Senior’s Noticeboard  and pay the £2.50 fee for each to Derek Isaac or John Wood.


The Club runs Three Open Competitions for Over 55’s;

The Watson Trophy (Senior Open) Tuesday, 2nd June is an Individual Stableford in three age categories: under 65, under 75 and over 75.  Cost for Members is £7 (incl. “2s”) and can be entered on the list on the Noticeboard.  Unlike the other Competitions the entry fee must be paid to John Wood before a tee time will be allocated.

Over 55s Mixed Friday, 14th August is a betterball stableford. 

Over 55s Men’s AMAM, Tuesday, 1st September.

Both of these competitions are entered via the Club’s Website Tee Booking System.

For further information regarding any of the above please contact:

Seniors’ Secretary: John Wood  01526 321438 / 09824 990639

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