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Blankney Seniors' Open - The Watson Trophy

Watson Trophy – Blankney Senior Open

I have opened three Competitions on the Hub booking systems for our Seniors Open on Tuesday, 1st June 2021.

This is to give me an idea who from our Membership would like to join the Visitors and play in the Watson Trophy. It also shows me in which age group players are in and roughly what time they would like to start their round.

Please ensure that you enter in the correct age group:

(A)       55 to 64 years

(B)        65 to 74 years

(C)        75 year plus

Players who have already entered are asked to check that they have entered the correct age group and if not please remove and enter into the correct one!!

This is an Open Competition,  Tee Times will only be allocated to those who have paid the £7 (including 2s) entry fee. This can be done as follows:

  1. Bank Transfer to: Blankney Senior Golfers, 30-95-05  01393227
  2. To Me Directly
  3.  By Cash or Cheque in an envelope addressed to me and placed in my pigeon hole upstairs next to the Secretary’s Office or in the Pro-Shop.


John Wood

BGC Seniors’ Secretary

01526 321438 / 07824 990639




Seniors' April Qualifier

Gentlemen, apologies for this morning's cancellation.  We did expect frost and made the decision that we would delay the competition for up to an hour to allow the Course to be fully open.  Unfortunately, it snowed in the early hours and then froze.  John was of the opinion that we would not be on proper greens all day (although we were on them from 10:30) so we had no alternative other than to postpone.
I have rearranged to stage the Qualifier on Monday, 26th April.  The competition should be live this evening and if you wish to play you will need to enter once again via the Apps.
John Wood
Seniors' Secretary

Payment to enter the Senior’s Eclectic & Order of Merit 2021

Payment to enter the Senior’s Eclectic & Order of Merit 2021

Those Senior members who wish to enter this year’s Eclectic & Order of Merit may do so via the Pro-shop on the 12th April when they pay their entrance fee for the Monthly Qualifier or the Ken Williams Cup on the 19th April. The cost is £5 (£2.50 per event) members may enter either or both as they wish and they will be administered as usual by Derek Isaac. Late entries will be accepted as per the “Senior’s Competition Rules 2021” shown on the webpage.


Robby Boyce (Senior’s Captain)

Seniors' Early Season Fixture Arrangements

"Due to the Lockdown all  Fixtures have been Cancelled until after 1st May, except the following:
12th April - April Qualifier
19th April - Ken Williams Cup (including Qualifier for Reg Woolley Knock Out Cup)
The Lady Captain, Keri is looking for a later date for the Texas Scramble
Ian Smith is trying to arrange another date for our Captain's Away Day
 Matches against Belton Park (H & A) and Stoke Rochford (H) have been cancelled 
For details of this years Competitions please see "COMPETITION RULES 2021"
John Wood Seniors' Secretary" 

Seniors' Incoming Captain's Message For 2020/2021 Season




            It is an honour to be asked to be Blankney’s 2021 Senior’s Captain and I would like to thank Ivor Samways for volunteering and agreeing to be my Vice-Captain for the coming year.

I would also like to publicly thank our secretary (John Wood) for all his efforts in running, so smoothly, all the competitions we completed since the end of lockdown 1 and for arranging a full and extensive fixture list for 2021.

I trust all our seasoned Senior Golfers and the number of new members, who joined us from various other golf clubs, also enjoyed these events. Unfortunately we were unable to fulfil any inter-club matches in 2020, but please be advised that we intend to play all 2021 matches, guided by the extant covid-19 rules, in place at that time.

Blankney Golf Club is a great golf course excellently managed by John Hart and his green staff who have worked hard to maintain the course, to (and above) its usual standards, under difficult circumstances.

I also thanks Graham, Alex, Tracey and Sarah and all their teams, for all the hard work in putting “into play” all the covid-19 regulations, therefore keeping us safe and allowing us all to enjoy our wonderful game!

My congratulations to this year’s winners of the Senior’s Order of Merit, Bob Manser and the Eclectic, Sid Hicks and to Derek Isaac of his usual excellent organization.

 In closing; I would like to thank Fred Fox for his Captaincy over this unusual year and look forward to his counsel, as I start my year in post. 

Here is to a better 2021,

Robby Boyce

Seniors Captain


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