Seniors' Match Reports v Canwick Park and Sleaford away

Away match against Canwick Park 23rd Aug.
This away match against Canwick Park was played in brilliant weather, very warm and sunny. Due to the course's position on the escarpment it can be awkward playing; however the team, though well beaten in the end result put up a good fight with many matches lost on the final hole. Canwick continued with their success beating both home and away.
Away match at Sleaford 25th Aug.
Sleaford hosted us on this day where the weather was supposed to be intensely wet with warnings of lightning, it turned out to be warm, muggy but dry and a good drink at the end was necessary to rehydrate the body. The opposition were friendly, accommodating and a close match ensued where the home side succumbed to our pressure going down 3 1/2  to  5 1/2. The course was good though the fairways wanted rain; however, the food was much better and a great day was had by all.
Roger Fry(Seniors' Captain)