Seniors Match Report v Belton Park




Belton Park were the first visitors to Blankney for an inter-club match this season.

Indeed, it was their first visit for two years.

We have not been to Belton Park in that time period either.

They arrived [as our first guests of the season] into the newly redecorated clubhouse.

Not the same as many of them remembered it from their last visit.

More light, more bright, more tables, more chairs.

 No snooker table.

Coincidently, the Belton Park ladies were also appearing later of the day.

The weather was changeable during the match.

Participants started with windcheaters and warming headgear in the cold wind.

Then completed the contest, less the insulation, in warming sunshine.

 Although there was little noticeable abatement of the blustery wind.

It was also our first visit to the Blankney dining room for two years.

Managed to comfortably fit everybody in.

For steak pie and apple crumble.

Robby Boyce fashioned a second ‘notable’.

Giving shots, he and Paul Coathup provided the most resounding win out of the Blankney pairings.

Albeit, two other pairings gave plentiful shots to the opposition.

Neil Day and John Wood.

Dave Holmes and Graham Fletcher.

And they prevailed over the contest in their matches.

‘Fun for all, all the time’ is the spirit of the event.

Match result: Blankney 4.5 v Belton Park 3.5.

Return match [Brownlow Course] towards the end of April.

Nb: they require payment by debit card for the catering.



Ivor Samways

Captain of the Senior section

Blankney Golf Club.