Senior's Match Report for BELTON PARK V BLANKNEY





This was the second section of a back to back fixture preceded by a home win at Blankney.

Our first visit to Belton Park GC for two years was greatly appreciated by all of the team.

This included those who were experiencing their first visit as well as those more experienced of the fixture.


Immediately noticeable upon arrival was the scaffolding placed around the clubhouse.

The clubhouse being built around an original Belton Camp hut.

The flat roof’s upon the extensions were the problem.

They had rotted away and were being replaced.


The weather kept dry but an ENE wind provided use for windcheaters and woollens.

The recent shortage of rain placed the underfoot going into the category of firm to hard.


Six inch placing was in operation [the last day] but there was little mud to wipe from the golf ball.

So it was gratifying to see the ball bounding along the fairways.


The match was played through the Brownlow course with a slope rate of 118.

This would be the most popular choice of the three permutations of nine holes that are available for play.


The lease to the land expires in 2023.

So the club will have to obtain a new lease from the National Trust or alternatively proceed to occupy the land upon a contract basis.


While  there was a problem afflicting the exterior of the clubhouse, a problem developed inside the clubhouse.

Quite a serious and profound problem that caused a fleeting period of consternation for the hosts.

Unknown to the hosts, there was also maintenance work inside the clubhouse.

It was proceeding in the counter area of the bar.

No electric, no pumps and no draught beer.

Indeed no draught lemonade or fizzies.

The presence of many guests and a concerning deficit of refreshment.

Fortunately the bar was well stocked with bottles of beer and fruit juice.

Popular choice of the imbibers was the Black Sheep bitter brew from Masham.


Finally, the result of the match.

Subsequent to the Blankney win on their home course, Belton Park took their home match by five games to three.


Ivor Samways

Captain of the Senior Section