Seniors' Captain Request for Halfway House Volunteers

On Thursday last, 10/05/18, Ian Smith made an impassioned plea for volunteers to provide a Halfway House for our matches.


He pointed out the ALL other clubs provide a halfway house as a part of their welcome to visiting teams. Here at Blankney, there are few volunteers to provide such a welcome to visiting teams.


Seniors, who are reserves for matches, could organise something, Seniors who cannot commit to the time that matches take, could organise something.


Halfway House refreshments need only to be simple, and inexpensive (and if necessary costs will be reimbursed).


Blankney has over 160 registered Seniors, it should not be difficult to find a few volunteers!


There has been a sign up sheet upstairs all season, please consider volunteering for this, it does not take so much time as playing, but enhances Blankney’s reputation.


Please consider that visitors take away an impression of Blankney Golf Club. Is it not better that the impression is one of WELCOME?


John Thompson(Seniors' Captain)