Senior Captain's Drive In

Thanks to all who took part and a special thanks to all who contributed to PAACT, my chosen good cause for 2017.
The match result went down to the wire, the final game securing a victory for the Senior Captain's team by 4 1/2 to 3 1/2.
The Drive in draw; My first tee shot managed 166 yards into a howling gale, which would probably have gone over 250 yards on a still day :).
Nearest entry was Ian Smith who was spot on.
Next nearest was also Mr Ian Smith, but an executive decision by the Captain and Vice Captain awarded that to the next nearest (on the high side), still in the clubhouse, who was Martin Bloomer.
My thanks to John Kent for collecting your charitable contributions. The collection raised £90.50. When I asked who put the £0.50 in, I was told, everybody. So a big thanks to all.
Thanks to Jim, Ian, Bob for a most enjoyable match and day.
Looking forward to a happy and successful year.
I am pleased to note, as a Yorkshireman, that there wa still a drop of Grouse left from my Hole in One drink.
John Thompson - Blankey Seniors Captain 2017