117 points and Winner Chris Coxall

106 Paul Wiseman

104 Steve Harrison and Graeme Northwood

103 Richard Lawton and Nail Farrington

102 John Walker

101 Paul Compton

100 Brian Carter and Liam Halldine 

99 John Lindsey, Neil Birchall and Mike Delooze

98 David Lefled and Eddie Plant

97 Marcus McKenzie and Duncan Roberts

96 Robert Howieson, Mike Warburton, Richard Knox, Mark Vincent and Manny Barker

95 Kevin Doublard, Steve Turton, Paul Deakin and Greg White

94 Patrick Hancock, Steven Giles, Peter Fairhall, Loz Hayes and Graham Purdue 

93 David Owen, Colin Brown

92 Neil Farmington and Allison Evans.