Professional Custom Fitting



Blankney is an approved fitter for PING and Titleist and this ensures you will have a set of clubs that suit your exact requirements.


As with all good tailoring, the initial step is to understand the client's needs (i.e. his cuurent ability and ambitions) and to take detailed measurements. These will include:

  • Height
  • Hand Size
  • Outside Leg


The client has the unque colour coding of the PING range explained to him, and the club(s) are selected for testing on the range based on the client' s measurements and his ability.

This will include the right version of the club along with the right shaft.


The loft and lie angles are explained in more detail, and the club is taped up to ensure accurate measurement.

Once the client has warmed up on the range, they hit from the measuring board, which enables a strike to be shown on the tape.


Careful measurements and observations are then recorded, the club is examined to confirm (as in this case) that the lie angle selected was correct.

The details are recorded on the PING record sheet which will be used to fulfill the order.


Please feel free to contact us to arrange a booking, and we will contact you shortly (please remember to include a contact number)

You should allow at least an hour for the fitting and measurements; however the good news is that as one of the most succesful PING outlets in Lincolnshire, you can be assured of a high level of expertise coupled to a very competitive price.