5th DECEMBER 2016 



                        Roger Fry (Seniors Captain) – Chairman

                        John Thompson (Seniors Vice-Captain)

                       John Wood (Seniors Secretary/Treasurer)

                       and Members of the Senior Section




Apologies for absence were received from: Gordon Brenchley, Clive Lewis, Malcolm Earney, Barry Creasey, Norman Emerson, Rowland Ward and Derek Mitcham.




The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and requested a minute’s silence in memory of members, members’ wives and former members who had died in the year since the previous A.G.M.  The Captain asked members to be mindful of those senior members who were currently in hospital.




The Minutes of the 2015 A.G.M. had been displayed for the required period. There being no matters arising they were accepted unanimously by the meeting as a true record on the proposal of Bob Fisher and seconded by Steve Grundy.




The Eclectic


Div 1.                                                  Div 2.


  1. 1.   Maurice Smith             62.25                           1.          Mick Middleton                        60.25
  2. 2.   John Wood                  62.50                           2.         Peter Kennelly              63.75
  3. 3.   Bob Manser                  62.75                           3.         Ian Smith                     64.00
  4. 4.   Peter Morley                63.00                           4.         John Thompson            64.25
  5. 5.   Roger Fry                     63.25                           5.         Carl Hill                       65.00              


The Order of Merit


  1. 1.   Bob Manser                              22pts
  2. 2.   Ian Spencer-Knott                    14pts
  3. 3.   Steve Bigwood                          13pts
  4. 4.   Maurice Smith                          12pts
  5. 5.   Clive Lewis & Peter Morley        11pts





Captain Roger then gave the following Report:



This is my annual report for the Seniors section AGM 5th December 2016. It details and explains this year’s golfing diary, finances, charity donations, thanks and thoughts for the future.


I have had the honour of being the seniors captain for the 2016 season and although it has been an enjoyable experience it has not been the most successful on record. Since March of this year there have been 27 inter club friendly matches of which 17 were lost, 8 were won and 2 were drawn. There were the 6 main competitions, also the invitation day, matches against the club, the captain’s day, the seniors open, Captain v Vice-Captain, RAF v Ak Ak, 2 games with the ladies and finally the away days, all of which were enjoyed and supported. All in all, a very busy year, every competition but the inter club friendly matches were very well attended and it is a shame to report that had it not been for the stalwart few, I could have been leading an undermanned team on many occasions. There were many times where there were no reserves, indeed ringing around to get more players each week was the norm rather than the exception, which in a section of this size is difficult to understand. More on that later.


The only income the seniors section generates is the £1 collected from each player attending the interclub friendlies. That income this year totalled £464, of which £100 was given to me to provide prizes etc. for the captain’s day, hence a cheque for £364 was presented to the secretary John Wood. A further cheque for £310 was presented to the club captain in support of the Barnardo’s, the clubs chosen charity and a further sum of £70, which was presented too late to be included in this year’s charity has been presented to the next seniors captain for inclusion in his personal choice of charity. My thanks go to those who have given so generously in support of these charities.


I have many people to thank for making this year enjoyable and less taxing, firstly my thanks goes to my vice-captain for all the assistance he has given me throughout the season both
by playing regularly in the inter club friendlies whilst organising and playing in the roll-up twice a week.  Also, the senior’s secretary on whom I have lent on more than one occasion and for his organisation of the various qualifiers and other competitions. To those few gentlemen who have supported me when playing inter club friendlies, especially those who have stepped in at the last moment, I can only say that without your willingness to play and pay, there would not be any seniors funds or indeed inter club matches, thank you. The generosity of those supplying food and their time in the half way house, especially Olive Brenchley and her supporting team of ladies cannot be calculated, my thanks goes to all those concerned. There are also the hidden few, the likes of Derek Isaac and John Morgan who man the eclectic and order of merit lists also Peter Morley who organises the away days they deserve my and our thanks.


There are things that I will miss being the seniors captain and some things maybe not so much, for instance, being able to input the senior’s thoughts to the club committee I considered important also having a hand in directing the club’s future through the committee, leading the team each week was a pleasure, telling jokes after each match was also good. I will not however miss delivering the poor results we attained following those jokes, also the uncertainty of making a team up each week and the begging phone calls for players, or indeed the seniors captain parking slot which sets you apart from everyone else and you have no-one to talk to!

My hope for the future is that the new club chairman has a very successful tenure and that he steers the club intelligently with all sections of the club being considered, also that the senior’s captain has a successful and very enjoyable year supported by more senior members, where his ideas to pull together the senior’s section bears fruit and that this important part of the Blankney Golf Club becomes stronger, more cohesive and goes forward from strength to strength, please support him. Thank you”




John gave the following report:


“As this will be my third Annual Report, please forgive me if it sounds somewhat similar to the previous two, however this is inevitable as once again I will combine both of my roles using the Income and Expenditure Account as the basis for the report.


The first event was the excellent and once again over-subscribed Valentines Dinner, organised expertly and within Budget, by David Stanley and Nev Scott.  Having been away the previous year I was able to attend this time, so can vouch for the splendid atmosphere generated by our amorous Seniors and their Partners.  The Dinner gives the Section its first opportunity of the year to honour the New Club Captain and our Professional by inviting them to the event with their partners. 


Senior Captain’s Day appears next on my Accounts. We were once again able to provide Roger with his prize fund and with a little help from the Club and from Olive Brenchley and her helpers were able to put on an excellent half-way house so that He could welcome and socialize with all players.


Before the end of his Captaincy year, past Captain Ian Smith, decided in his wisdom, that the Neil Blanchard Gavel with its Dymo Taped names, was not really a suitable  memorial to Neil, so he arranged to have the names changed to a more regular metal format at a cost to the section of £130.


Subsequently, Past Captain Don Ridley approached the Club Committee requesting that a Senior Captains Board be displayed. To our surprise the Committee agreed to this and paid for a board to be produced.  The cost of putting the heading and names of all off our Captains onto the Board would then fall onto us.  I approached all of the Past Captains and was extremely pleased with their reaction and generosity.  This together with a further donation of £50 from the Club (via the Chairman) enabled us to complete the Board, which is positioned next to the Ladies Captains Board in the corridor opposite the Pro-shop.


I have lumped all of this expense into the costs of the Captain’s Day, despite these extra costs, this is still the cheapest of the three days since I’ve been Secretary.


Two away days were organised, once again at South Kyme and Waltham Windmill.  This year apart from paying the upfront deposit to Waltham, which was refunded out of the entries, the Accounts were not adversely affected.  As well as these Away Days, Peter Morley organised an exchange day with Toft Golf Club on yet another very wet but enjoyable day in October.  Once again Peter’s organisation ensured that the event didn’t cost our accounts anything.


I have already submitted deposits, out of next year’s accounts for Bondhay, organised by Ian Smith in May and Rufford Park, John Kent in August.  We have been looking together with Graham (Pro) to move the exchange day away from Toft, but due to not sorting this out in time we have agreed to return to Toft again next October, hopefully without the rain!



The main event from an organisational point of view was the annual Watson Trophy (The Senior Open).  At last year’s AGM, we discussed ways of improving the format of the competition in an attempt to encourage more entries and to at least break even.  In the end, we decided to retain the individual stableford format, but with only three age groups; Under 65, Under 75 and over 75, instead of four as in previous years.


With the help of entries from twenty-nine members of South Kyme Golf Club we achieved an entry of 149. This included ninety-five visitors, although seven didn’t turn upon the day due to the terrible weather which has haunted the competition over the last few years. Over thirty clubs were represented and the overall winner was our own, Martin Bloomer with 40 points.


I decided not to have a presentation immediately after the event, this took away the urgency of producing results without checking that everyone was on the computer and in the correct age group. As it was, all vouchers were sent out by the end of the next day and everyone seemed happy with this situation, so we will continue with no presentation at next year’s event which will be put back one week in an attempt to confound the weather. Martin was presented with his award at the first of the Club’s two presentation evenings.


I followed the normal policy in taking the opportunity to say thank you on your behalf, to those who have been a major help during the year and in the past. Despite these payments the Open contributed £133.79 to the Accounts.


We organised six board competitions during the season. A total number of 367 seniors entered these competitions, which sadly was 66 less than last year.  Seventy entered the first one but around fifty entered each of the last three, I hope this isn’t an indication of things to come. I have decided to move the Bert Medhurst to a Monday next year at the request of the Club. This is to free up a weekend as a Major County Competition is being played here at the request of the County Captain, Les Toyne who as an ex-Blankney boy, wants to bring a comp here in 2017.  The Competitions this year made a contribution to the accounts of £358.75


As with last year all of the winners were presented with their prizes at one of the two Club presentation evenings held during the year.  These went very well and it is envisaged that this will be repeated next season, our Winners were as follows:


            Ken Williams Cup – John Bryant                         Stuart Blytham Salver – John Gardner

            Bert Newman Shield – Peter Morley                   Gilliatt Driver – Peter Morley

            Bert Cawsey Cup – Terry Johnson                     Bert Medhurst – Martin Bloomer

           Reg Woolley KO – Ray Pacey                             Senior Stroke Play Champion – Bob Manser


Congratulations to them all.


The next item was the Invitation Day, thirty-four members, invited members of other golf clubs to join them at this competition which once again was very enjoyable.  We retained £15.56.  The Prizes were presented after the competition although several prize winners were not present, which is disappointing however, we will continue with a presentation next season.


The Section played twenty-seven matches against other Clubs during the season with a £1 per game levy being charged from the players raising £464.00. This levy is the main income of the section and without it we would not be able to look after our Captain or contribute to the Charities we support, especially as the Charity Whisky draws only contributed £172 on the season.  The Captain struggled on occasions during the season to raise teams to fulfil our obligations to other clubs and so it has been decided that from next season we will revert to the original situation and all teams representing Blankney, both home and away will consist of a maximum of sixteen players (eight pairs).  This will mean that next year a maximum of £432 will be raised by this method.  We had to replace the kettle in the half-way house at a cost of only £5, thanks go to Hugh Nicholson, not only for getting one for that price but for also contributing a spare and replacing several of the mugs. The Matches made a contribution of £459.00 to Funds.


We gave £450 to local Charities and incurred £102.03 of general expenditure.


All of this resulted in a surplus of £188.98, which is a lot better than in the two previous years.


I reiterate all of the thanks that the Captain has made but must give special thanks to; Mike Merrison for keeping the website updated with the Competition details; Jo and James for printing the cards and for their help in general, Graham and staff for dishing out those cards and for looking after the cash. A big thank you to Don Ridley for vetting and sorting out the cards after each comp.  Also, thanks to Bob Spandler for taking his time to audit my books.


I look forward to working with new Captain John, as I have during this year and his Vice Captain, Jim Keable.


Finally, a request from me, would the Senior or Seniors who persist in using the old fashion metal studs, have consideration for those following and please repair the damage they have made on the greens!!




Nominations for the election of officers had been on display for the required period. In the absence of any counter nominations the following were appointed by unanimous vote to hold office in 2017: -




John Thompson                       Proposed      Roger Fry            seconded             John Wood                                                                                         


Jim Keable                        Proposed       John Thompson  seconded            Ray Harrison



John Wood                              Proposed      Derek Green        seconded             Malcolm Earney





Although no official any other business proposals had been received the following questions were asked from the floor:


  1. Bob Fisher queried the reason for the Eclectic and Order of Merit being held under one umbrella and not as two competitions.  His opinion was noted.
  2.  Len Coffey asked if one of the two Senior/Ladies Texas Scrambles could be return to the old format of being a match against the ladies. 
    The new Captain stated that this had already been discussed with the Lady Captain and the April fixture would be played as a match.
  3. Chris Symonds, as a still working member, requested that only one competition or away day be held in any one week.  It was agreed that every effort would be made to ensure that this would be the case in the future.
  4. Steve Langley was thanked for once again producing the Seniors’ directory booklet.




The retiring Captain, Roger Fry welcomed the new Captain John Thompson wishing him and his Vice-Captain Jim Keable all the very best for their time in office.


The incoming Senior Captain, John Thompson gave the following reply:

Senior Members & Thank-yous

  • Since I joined Blankney, I have thought that we are the Seniors Section, however, my research tells me that the Seniors Section was formed in 1978, 39 years ago.  But then in 1991, 25 years ago,  the committee voted to rule out the word section and discontinue charging of subscriptions. However a match tax of £1 was introduced and also the annual election of Vice Captain and Captain was commenced.
  • So I now know that we are Blankney Seniors Members

I  thank you all very much for voting me in as Seniors Captain for the 2017 season.

  • My thanks to all those who helped me out with the Roll Up during the year Mike Merrison, Derek Isaac, Mike Turner, Rog Fry et al for keeping things on an even keel. (that is a navy term for all you ex RAF people)
  • And last, but not least, thanks to John Wood for organising everything else that goes into the Seniors Diary, the board competitions, the matches, Open Day, Invitation Day, captain’s Day, the Greensomes, presentation night and the AGM.
  • I must also thank my very tolerant wife who allowed me to take this on. She did remind me that although my shirt and sweaters say “Blankney Seniors Captain”, neither our marriage certificate nor our Bungalow do.


The Club

  • The catering has been taken in-house now and the reaction so far is positive, so I hope that we continue to support Becky, Andy, Annie and Shanie.
  • Graham has asked me to pass on thanks from Blankney Estates to all the Seniors Members, they are very appreciative of the support.
  • During the year, several senior members pointed out to me that the fairways were becoming hard to reach and that was a double whammy for them, as the ball had no run if it was short. So the matter was raised in committee and the exec and the club has agreed to shorten the carries on all holes to a 100 yards from the Yellow markers. The changes will happen during the close season
  • I would hate to see Blankney gain a reputation as a club that cannot get teams together for matches. So I ask you?  Are you a member who participates or do you just belong, only you can answer that. Participating rather than “Belonging” does not have to be a season long commitment.
  •  I add to that my hope that those who consistently came forward this year will carry on next year.


Vice Captain

  • I welcome Jim Keable as my Vice Captain for 2017. I am sure that he will have some ideas to keep things fresh in the Roll up which although seeing reduced numbers, still has value, it is not a closed group, it is a point of first contact for new seniors, it is an opportunity to play with different people, and an if you find yourself without a game due to holidays etc. you will be able to just Roll Up for a game, as it says on the tin.
  • I also welcome Club captain Paul Coathup and Vice-Captain, Robbie Selway, who have joined us today. Not with us today but always worthy of a mention, Mandy Horne, Ladies Captain and Lynda Ramscar, Ladies vice captain. I wish them all well in the coming year, I know that we will work together for the benefit of Blankney Golf Club


  • Next year I am hoping to pick your pockets in support of a local group, PAACT, that stand for Parents and Autistic Children Together. These volunteers, based at the St Peter & St Paul Church in Lincoln are a support group for parents and carers of children on the autism spectrum. The group organises “safe” activities during holiday periods and throughout the year for the families, so I am hopeful that we can help them out a little through your donations. I have seen what they can do and I am pleased to have the opportunity to help them out.


The Meeting was closed at 16:30