Message from John Thompson, Seniors Captain 2017

You may or not be aware the my "Good Cause" for 2017 is PAACT, that is Parents and Autistic Children Together. When I became aware of this group through family issues, I was astounded at how many families in Lincoln area included a child on the Autism Spectrum. 
My own family includes someone affected. I particularly remember a day in a supermarket, when my wife and I saw a child screaming and a mother in tears. We approached her and asked if we could help. She told us that her son had been diagnosed with an ASD condition that very morning and for her she found the support that she needed.
I cannot overstate the support that is offered and given to stressed families by this group of volunteers (all witha personal involvement. I can therefor ask for you support with an open heart.
Even if you do not play matches, you can always leave something behind the bar for me, the kids would be ever so appreciative.
Thank you Blankney Seniors.
John Thompson,
Seniors Captain 2017