Men's Section - Club Champs & Westmorland Cup information

Dear Men's Section Members,

This is a quick introduction to those of you who don't know me and information to those who do.

I have recently been elected as the Men's Competitions Secretary for Blankney Golf Club, taking over from Gary Gillings.  This is an honour to have been asked to take up this position especially as I have only been at the Golf Club for a short period of time.

One of the main reasons for this communication is to inform you that there is to be a trial change to the Club Championship and Westmorland Cup, as agreed at the Committee meeting held on 10th December 2019.  Historically these two prestigious competitions have been a 36-hole battle over one day.  However, with falling attendances over the past few years and members, both young and old, asking if there was a possibility to hold them over two days.  A decision has been made by the committee to do this.

A draft competition format will be published on the website and displayed on the competitions board.  Fine adjustments can be made to this with the final competition rules being published well in advance of the event.

There will be the opportunity to play both days or just one day with 4 concurrent competitions being played over the two days.

I am also in the process of looking at some of the competition handicap limits, especially the pairs and mixed formats.  Again, this was discussed at the Committee meeting on 10th December.  For instance; some of the mixed competitions have a handicap limit for ladies at 24 and 20 for men with a further 10% reduction.  With some of the members having much higher handicaps than the limit, never mind considering a further 10% reduction.  These factors could be discouraging higher handicap players from entering these competitions.

The changes, if implemented will only affect a small number of club competitions mainly in the mixed pairs and open pairs formats.

My objectives whilst in this position are not to change the wheel or make any radical changes, but to make golf enjoyable for all and make the members want to take part in competitions.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the golf course in 2020 and in the bar afterwards.  This position can be at times demanding but can I ask you for your support to myself and the competitions sub-committee for the 2020 season.


John Williams

Blankney Golf Club Men's Competitions Secretary