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Eric&Sybil McHale Am Am






Best Gent’s and best Lady’s score to count on each hole.

Except Par 3s where all to count.

Tees: Yellow and Red Handicap Limit: 28/36

Handicap Allowance: 100% of Blankney course handicap

Gents off yellow stroke index, Ladies off red index

Start Time    Team

1100            A Bryant/J Bryant/C Brook/D Brook

1108            J Somers/V Somers/J Somers-Wells/ L Dooley

1116            M Bloomer/L Bloomer/F Felton/ J Gardner

1124            M Horne/L Ramscar/P Coathup/R Selway

1132            J Mitchell/D Toyne/J Gordon/L Gordon

1140            K Clarke/S Clarke/S Smith/A Smith

1148            A Craft/S Jamieson/G Brenchley/O Brenchley

1156            J Spencer-Knott/J Wood/A Wood/I S-Knott

1204            R Czajkowski/J Palmer/T Czajkowski/R Tasker

1212            S Mould/G Mould/M Thompson/P Thompson

1220            S Rawlins/T Rawlins/M Goodway/C Goodway

1228            O Wells/D Wells/N Sharp/A Sharp


Jubilee Cup - Sunday 25th April 2021


Another fabulous entry for this weeks competition, the Jubilee Cup, held Sunday 25th April 2021. 

Congratulations and well played to Steven Newell who won the competition with a magnificent score of 42 points.

The results sheet and 2's analysis are on the Blankney Golf Club website in the Gents section of the members dropdown.

Thanks to all who played today, your support in the competitions is appreciated.


Paul Sirrell

Competitions Secretary

Jubilee Cup Sunday 25th April 2021


The Jubilee Cup has been well supported by the members of the Gents section and majority of the slots have been filled.  There are a couple of spaces available so if you're at a loose end, give Graham or Alec a call and they will fit you in if possible.

Diane has reconfigured the temporary cards to make them more user friendly and has added a section for the markers score to be entered, thank you Diane.

There were several issues with the cards last weekend and some were difficult to decipher so could I please remind you of the following:

Due to Covid restrictions, you do not swap cards.

Identify a marker and place their score in the markers column and write their name in the space provided.

Write your score in player A column.

On completion of the round, verbally agree your score with the marker and sign your card once complete.  The marker does not need to sign your card.

Until the Clubhouse reopens I will input all scores onto the system and ask that players refrain from signing in via V1 and inputting their own scores.

Thank you for your assistance in these matters and good luck to everyone participating in the Jubilee Cup.


Paul Sirrell 

Competitions Secretary 



Thank you to all who entered the Londesborough Qualifier on Sunday 18th April 2021 and well done to those who proceed into the Knockout phase.  They are as follows:

Duncan Baker (current holder)

Tim Hills (Sundays winner)

Lee Johnson (best Gross)

Craig Toyne, Sam Moyses, Dean Johnson, Stephen Tizard, Russ Burgess, David J Taylor, Ian Kent, Liam Hargrave, Benjamin Wadd, Daniel Collinson, Dave Manning, Kevin O'Rourke (Captain), Dean Creasey, Giacomo Morgan, Kevin Ross, Rod White, Ian Holmes, Allan Vincent, Graham Fletcher, Wayne Schofield, Dave Ramscar, David Orriell, Tom Standley, Nick Beck, Gary Settery, John Martin, John Hawes, Erik Anderson & David Hornsey.

The Draw sheet will be on the notice board by the end of the week.


Paul Sirrell

Competitions Secretary 

Competitions 2021

Dear Members

As you are aware the competition season is finally upon us and each competition will become active for booking 3 weeks prior to the event.  The draw will be performed on the Thursday before the event and all changes/queries should be directed to The Pro Shop.

The Open Competitions that are for members only this year will be ran as club competitions and the entry fee has been reducted to £5 per person or £10 a pair for doubles.  

The Londesborough Qualifier has seen a great entry, hope this is a theme for the remainder of the year and we will look forward to seeing you all on the course.

Thank you for your support in entering the competitions.

Paul Sirrell

Competitions Secretary

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