Men's Club Competition's - Rules of Entry


  1. All Competitor’s must sign up on the Official Entry Sheet. Unless otherwise stated, member’s must have a ‘Competition’ Handicap in order to enter Club Competition’s.

(What was previously known as ‘Active’ – 3 scorecards in from any combination of   a club March/April/May Midweek competition or ‘supplementary’ cards taken out from the Pro Shop, will get you a ‘Competition’ Handicap if you were ‘Inactive’

      2.   Unless specifically requested, please do not enter other competitor’s names.

      3.   The ‘Draw’ sheet will be posted usually at least 10 days prior to the competition      

      4.   Reserves may enter their names in the am/pm spaces provided on the Draw sheet and will remain reserves unless otherwise entered by the Competitions Secretary or one of the Competitions Sub Committee.   It is the reserve player’s responsibility to ascertain if they have been entered or not.  Reserves may not enter their names in a vacant time slot. Whenever possible, the ‘Draw’ will be posted on ‘Twitter’

      5.   Entries for a Sunday competition will end on the Friday of that week at 5.00 pm

            The Draw sheet will be taken down and any reserves placed on it if spaces are available. Members may ring up the Pro shop on the Saturday to see if there are any further reserve spaces available. Entry at this point cannot be guaranteed therefore.

If the Pro Shop cannot be contacted then please contact the Competition’s Secretary .

      6.   Withdrawing on a Saturday, or even worse on the Sunday, will no doubt be inevitable from time to time, but members should be aware of the problems this will cause the Competitions Secretary, The Pro Shop staff and more importantly, the frustrations of other members who may have to play a ‘2 ball’ in the middle of a ‘3 ball’ competition

      7.   Players classified as DNTU (Did Not Turn Up) will receive an appropriate 3 competition ban

      8.   On completion of the round, competitors should enter their scores on the Scoring System Terminal, unless a ‘visual scoreboard’ is in use. Scorecards should then be placed in the ‘box provided’, having made sure that you have your Handicap on it in the right place, your gross scores are correct and it has been appropriately signed twice. Members have a duty to hand in cards even if they do not complete a round due to illness/personal reasons etc, and should indicate on that card,  N/R etc

      9.   Results of competitions will be published on the Club Notice Board, weekly

e mail, club website and the internet site ‘HOWDIDIDO’. 

    10.   If prizes are not awarded on the day of the competition, then this will be done at one of the Club’s three Formal Presentation Evenings held throughout the season. 

It would be appreciated if all prize winners attended Presentation Evenings. If you are unable to attend, apologies should be forwarded to the Competitions Secretary, preferably with the name of a nominated substitute.




Steve McGinty  - Competitions Secretary  - - 07928739709