Match Report for Seniors Captain v Seniors Vice Captain

The Seniors Captain's drive in took place on Thursday 8th March. Unusually this was ahead of the Blankney Captain's drive in, which had to be deferred for weather issues.
We had weather that was better than it had been but maybe not as good as I would have liked.
I enjoyed the day, and was grateful for the support of the Captain Robbie, and the immediate Past Captain, Paul, who supported me in our match against the seniors Vice Captain, Ray. and his partner Fred Fox, and all the Seniors who took part.
The overall result was a win for the Seniors Captain's team by 6 ½ to 2 ½ , with a few close games involved.
I am happy to report that the collections, before and on the day raised £85.50 for Umbrellas-Lincoln, which was granted full Charity Status just yesterday.
The Seniors Captain's drive was measured by Steve McGinty (thanks Steve) at 133 yards, having collided with the second big tree on the left of the fairway, finishing just off the fairway to the left.
Both Paul Coathup and Mick Cawsey got the length correct, but as they had not consulted the form books, thought that I would go right. Anyone who plays with the Seniors Captain regularly would know that the second tree on the left is quite a common obstruction.
The person who got the length and the direction correct was Barry Creasey who has a bottle of whisky due to him.
Again I thank all those who contributed and took part.
I also undertook to complete the entry lists for the Seniors Eclectic and the Seniors Order of Merit competitions.
Derek Isaac will be running these and we have 32 entries for the Seniors Order of merit and 37 for the Seniors Eclectic.
A few have indicated their desire to enter, but have not yet paid entry fee. (John Watson, Ian Smith, Maurice Smith, Bruce Hayes). Please ensure that you either give fee to John Thompson or Derek Isaac or leave behind the bar, the first Qualifying Competition is on Monday 12th March.
John Thompson
Blankney Seniors Captain