Knock Out Competitions and Whiskey Stagger results

Dear all,

All of the finals have now been played for the Knock-Out Competitions and the results are as follows:

The Woodcock Cup was won by Blankney Golf Cub Captain Kev O'Rourke and his playing partner Daz Pigford who beat Daeron Wise and Andy Garner in the final. 

Erik Andersen won the Londesborough Cup beating Tom Standley in the final.

Nige Bottomley and Krem Saunders won the Jack & Eve Cup beating Rod White and Terry McArthy in the final.

Congratulations and well played to all the winners of the above competitions and also to the runners up for reaching the finals. 

Thank you to all who have entered the competitions throughout the year, your support is appreciated and hopefully we will have less restrictions in 2022 and can return to some form of normality.

Next week is the Turkey Trot and it is currently open for entries on V1/HDiD.  This is followed by the Gents Invitation to Ladies on the 17th October 2021 and there is a sign up sheet in the foyer.  On Sunday 24th October 2021 there is a Gents Texas Scramble and I will put the entry sheet up on the notice board this week.  I am trying another new format for this scramble as everyone is aware, they're a fun competition and to add to the fun, all players will be required to get 3 drives in, however, each player will be required to use there 3 drives on a Par 3 a Par 4 and a Par 5.

The results of the Whiskey Stagger are posted in the members section of the Club website but a quick snapshot of the winners are:

Division 1 - 1st David Hornsey  Division 2 - 1st Phil Carelton  Division 3 - Jack Parker.  Well played all.

Cheers, Paul

Paul Sirrell

Competitions Secretary