Juniors Welcome

Junior Golf at Blankney

Blankney Golf Club has a reputation within the County as a club which encourages junior golf and has had a structure in place for many years. Both the Golf Club and Blankney Estate enjoy the benefits of the junior programme in helping youngsters develop their golf and understanding of the game and it is no coincidence that the club has produced many players of  County standard or above over the last 30 years when the junior section was formed formerly.

The accademy for non-member juniors runs on Saturdays all through the year and when the youngsters are good and ready to join the Golf Club they will continue to have coaching which is part funded by the Club.

Junior competitions generally run on Saturdays and the junior organiser monitors their progress.

Once youngsters attain a handicap of 18 or better they are then eligable to enter Club competitions. This benefits their development by mixing with the members acting as custodians to the junior section by helping them to learn the finer points of the game.