Jubilee Cup Sunday 25th April 2021


The Jubilee Cup has been well supported by the members of the Gents section and majority of the slots have been filled.  There are a couple of spaces available so if you're at a loose end, give Graham or Alec a call and they will fit you in if possible.

Diane has reconfigured the temporary cards to make them more user friendly and has added a section for the markers score to be entered, thank you Diane.

There were several issues with the cards last weekend and some were difficult to decipher so could I please remind you of the following:

Due to Covid restrictions, you do not swap cards.

Identify a marker and place their score in the markers column and write their name in the space provided.

Write your score in player A column.

On completion of the round, verbally agree your score with the marker and sign your card once complete.  The marker does not need to sign your card.

Until the Clubhouse reopens I will input all scores onto the system and ask that players refrain from signing in via V1 and inputting their own scores.

Thank you for your assistance in these matters and good luck to everyone participating in the Jubilee Cup.


Paul Sirrell 

Competitions Secretary