Dear All,

I hope that you are all enjoying being back on the course and burning it up as if you had never been away.

This is just a general update on what is happening with the competitions in the current climate of COVID-19.

All Club Open Competitions have been cancelled this year apart from The Over 55's Mixed Open on the 14th Aug which is pending.  This is a Seniors lead competition.

I cannot tell you when, if any this year, the Gents Competitions will start.  As previous emails have stated, I am, on a weekly basis trying to adjust the Gents Comps diary to facilitate the comps if we get the go-ahead to start.  If I do get the green light from the EGU, it won't take long to get the competitions onto the club diary and for the registration sheets to be published. 

Any date for the resumption of club competitions will have an impact on how many can be completed this year.   The most prestigious ones being added first then if I can, and there is enough time permitting this year, get as many in as possible.

Please just enjoy your golf at the moment and as soon as I have any update I'll let you know. 


John Williams