Gents Competitions - Entry Sheets

Dear Gents,

Please be aware that the start sheets for all Gents Competitions are put up well in advance of the date that the competition will commence.

The draw for each competition is publish by the club secretary 10 days before the event and this will be the cut off date for entries.

After the draw is completed the competition entry will be closed. You are not to call the Pro Shop or secretary to ask to be entered. 

There will be a reserve box available for both morning and afternoon tee times on the draw sheet.  If there are any withdrawals from the original draw then the first reserve will be allocated that place and so on.

If there are no withdrawals, then the reserves will be allocated the next avaiable tee time on the draw sheet.

On the morning of a competition there may be slots available and these will be allocated to the reserves in the first instance if they have not already been allocated a slot or on a first come basis.

If you want to call the Pro Shop on the morning of a competition to see if there are any available slots, then every effort will be made to get you in.

Note: Gents putting their names in the reserve section will not be able to request EP or LP. 


John Williams

BGC Comps Sec