Disbursement of monies collected for Norman Emerson



 St Barnabas




Dear Mrs Emerson

On behalf of St Barnabas, I would like to say how very grateful we were toreceive your donation of £345, to the Hospice funds in memory of your husband, Norman.

Your gift will be used to help provide comfort and support to those in need throughout Lincolnshire and will stand as a living tribute. I know too, how grateful St Barnabas has been for all the volunteer help Norman has given over the years.

With our deepest sympathy to you, we extend our sincere gratitude for your help and support in this way.

With kind regards

Yours sincerely

Marie Pattison

Donor  Care Officer



Marie Curie

PO BOX 23897 14 

Links Place


EH6 9AB 

Tel: 0845 052 4184


Dear  Mrs Emerson

On  behalf of Marie Curie we are most grateful to receive your ln Memory donation totalling £350.00.

Marie Curie delivers expert hands-on care, emotional support, research and guidance, helping people living  with a terminal illness. Your donation will help make this possible as itcosts: 

£180 to provide afull 9hour Marie Curie nursing shift  

£130for someone to attend Day Therapy at a Marie Curie Hospice 

£35 for a nurse's uniform 

 £20 for one hour of nursing care

£5 for bereavement booklets to support 20 children 

£1   for a patient information pack, giving practical advice about our services

Thank you once again for supporting


Marie Curie. We simply could not continue our work without

this kind help.

Yours sincerely

Gary Burr

Community Fundraising Team