September 2019
DayDate  EventCategory 
Sun18.00am to 1.00pmHeadline EventThe Robert Pearson Gents Open. > Open Comp. 
Mon28.00am to 1.00pmMeeting Dining Room  NFUGeneral 
  9.00amThe Gilliatt Driver > Club Comp. 
Tue38.10am to 2.00pmHeadline EventThe Mixed Lincolnshire Swing > Open Comp. 
Wed4 Ladies Stableford > Club Comp. 
Thu59.55am to 10.20amRichard Webster > Visitors 
  10.30am to 11.45amHolme Hall Seniors Exchange Day > Visitors 
Fri67.00am to 1.30pmHeadline EventWright Vigar Charity Golf Day > Open Comp. 
Sat711.45am to 12.00pmColin Ogden [8 players] > Visitors 
  12.00pm to 12.30pmGill Barker and guests > Social 
  1.00pmBlankney v Seacroft >  8 pairs Home Match 
  2.00pm to 2.30pmVic Tapp Trophy > Club Comp. 
Sun8 British Heart Foundation Cup > Club Comp. 
   The Presidents Cup > Club Comp. 
Mon9 Seniors Monthly Qualifier - Stableford > Club Comp. 
   Woodhall Spa v Blankney Ladies (Friendly) Away Match 
  12.30pm to 1.00pmWADDINGTON v CRANWELL > Home Match 
  7.30pmFinger Buffet  GWGTGeneral 
Tue109.30am to 1.30pmSeniors Open Am-Am > Open Comp. 
Wed11 Seniors v Louth Away Match 
  8.00am to 2.30pmHeadline EventLadies Charity AM AM > Open Comp. 
Thu129.50am to 11.45amLincs Patron's GS Visitors 
Fri1310.00am to 11.00amThe Penguins > Visitors 
Sat14 Great Blankney Potato Grow-Off Social 
   Ladies Alt. Medal Club Comp. 
   Leachman Greensome Husband/Wife Club Comp. 
Sun15 Club AM AM (any combination) Club Comp. 
  10.30am to 10.40amChristian Roeloff Visitors 
Mon1611.30amBlankney Ladies v Kenwick Park (Friendly) Home Match 
Tue17 Headline EventMidland Senior Autumn Meeting Visitors 
   Seniors v Belton Woods Away Match 
Wed18 Ladies Medal Club Comp. 
  11.00am to 11.30amGeorge and Dragon GS Visitors 
Thu198.00am to 5.00pmPrivate Meeting General 
  10.30am to 11.15amMr.D'Abreo Visitors 
  1.30pmBlankney GC V Kenwick Park gc 6 pairs Away Match 
  1.30pmCroydon Golf Society (HSBC) Visitors 
Fri2010.00amBritish Steel   1pm afternoon tee offVisitors 
Sat21 Blankney Junior Open Open Comp. 
   Ladies Alt. Par Club Comp. 
   Race Night At Blankney  Gates open at 7pm, first race 7.30Social 
  1.00pmBlankney v Carholme (Friendly)  6 pairsAway Match 
Sun22 Cunningham Cup Club Comp. 
   SUNDAY LUNCH Clubhouse 
   The Lincolnshire Bomber Open Open Comp. 
Mon23 Seniors Ex-RAF v The other Seniors Home Match 
Tue24 Mid Week Stableford Club Comp. 
  9.00am to 9.30amBilclough   2.000-2.30pm Visitors 
Wed25 Ladies Par Club Comp. 
Thu268.00amThe Bert Cawsey Cup Club Comp. 
  11.15am to 11.40amMr.Worrillow General 
Fri2710.00am to 1.00pmTony Bear 76 Foundation Charity Golf Day. Open Comp. 
  1.00pm to 1.15pmMark Clayton [12] Visitors 
Sat28 BM & JA Cawsey Cup Club Comp. 
   KGB Quiz Social 
   Ladies Alt. Medal Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 12.45pmGary Frost General 
  1.00pmBlankney v Gainsborough (Friendly)  8 pairsAway Match 
Sun29 Gents Invitation to Ladies Club Comp. 
Mon301.15pm to 1.45pmSpa Golf  DAVID STANLEYVisitors 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 5:33am to 8:36pm