Dear All,

Now that we are back on the course and getting back into the swing of things, literally.  I'm sure that you are all wondering when the competitions will be starting?

As of yet, a decision on when the Gents Club Competitions will re-start has not been decided by myself, The Chairman and The Manager.

There are still several restrictions in place that will have a direct impact on the running of competitions.  Myself and Graham are in close liaison with other golf clubs and the EGU on trying to work out how competitions can commence in line with the current government guidelines on COVID-19.

Realistically, I cannot envisage any competitions being held in June with the middle of July being a more probable scenario.  It may be the case of holding some Roll-Up Stableford comps to start off with before the Major Board Comps start.

The R&A have stated that qualifying competitions can take place with certain rule changes; one being preferred lies in bunkers within 6".  A work around concerning the pins and the positioning of the cups is being discussed.  

As you are all aware, the situation on golf and other sports is changing weekly if not daily in some cases.  As soon as I get more information I will let you know.  

Please just remember that safety is paramount whilst we are in this pandemic.  Just enjoy being on the fairways, soaking up the sun and hitting a few good shots.


John Williams

BGC Comps Sec