Blankney Seniors' Open - The Watson Trophy

Watson Trophy – Blankney Senior Open

I have opened three Competitions on the Hub booking systems for our Seniors Open on Tuesday, 1st June 2021.

This is to give me an idea who from our Membership would like to join the Visitors and play in the Watson Trophy. It also shows me in which age group players are in and roughly what time they would like to start their round.

Please ensure that you enter in the correct age group:

(A)       55 to 64 years

(B)        65 to 74 years

(C)        75 year plus

Players who have already entered are asked to check that they have entered the correct age group and if not please remove and enter into the correct one!!

This is an Open Competition,  Tee Times will only be allocated to those who have paid the £7 (including 2s) entry fee. This can be done as follows:

  1. Bank Transfer to: Blankney Senior Golfers, 30-95-05  01393227
  2. To Me Directly
  3.  By Cash or Cheque in an envelope addressed to me and placed in my pigeon hole upstairs next to the Secretary’s Office or in the Pro-Shop.


John Wood

BGC Seniors’ Secretary

01526 321438 / 07824 990639