2022 Competitions and Procedures for Entry

2022 Competitions and Procedures for Entry


After a very successful 2021 for our competitions, under very trying circumstances, we enter 2022 with high expectations of no more restrictions. 

New for 2022 “Weekly Senior Comps”

The Club have asked that all of the mid-week Seniors’ Competitions and as many as possible of our Home Matches are played on a Monday, in effect creating a Seniors Monday Morning.  With the need for all Golf Rounds at Blankney to be pre-booked, roll-ups are no longer allowed.  So to help new members join in and meet those Seniors wishing to play, the Club have given us a one hour block booking (07.58am to 09.02am) on each Monday where no Match or other Competition is taking place.  To play in these weekly “get togethers” you must book into the computer system and then be randomly drawn into a three or four ball a few days before.  The Vice-Captain will liaise with those playing to arrange the format for the day. Initially only three of these weekly competitions will be available, 21st & 28th Feb and 14th Mar. Should any other Mondays become available during the Summer a competition will appear on the Booking system.  It is also intended to run a series through the winter months starting in October.

Monthly and Board Competitions

We will run Eight Monthly Stablefords or Medals (formerly the Qualifiers), Five Monday and one Sunday Board Competitions, a singles Knock-out and two Opens.

The first two, a Monthly Stableford on 21st March and the Ken Williams Cup on 28th March will soon be open for bookings on the ClubV1Hub / HowdidIdo Apps or screen in Clubhouse.  The dates for all of the other in-house competitions can be found in the Diary section of the Club Website.

The Reg Woolley Knock-Out

Qualifying for the Knock-out takes place in conjunction with the Ken Williams Cup.  The top 31 placed entrants in the Cup together with the reigning Champion, Paul Coathup, will be placed in a seeded draw for the knock-out.  Entrants finishing outside of the top 31 will be knocked out.  In the event of less than 25 entering the Reg Woolley, the first round will be cancelled and the top sixteen will be drawn straight into round two. 

Although entries will be accepted on the 28th March, in an effort to help with forward planning, those intending to enter are asked to do this via ClubV1hub or HowdidIdo MENU (three bars in top right hand corner) Knockouts.

The Watson Trophy

The Watson Trophy is our Senior’s Open, a singles Stableford competition attracting many visitors (on 1st Feb, 36 so far) and will be played on Tuesday, 21st June 2022.  The competition is in three age groups and will appear on the Booking System in due course, although unlike all of our other competitions, the entry fee must be paid before a tee time will be allocated (£7 for Members, £25 for Visitors, both include £2 for “2s”).


The Senior AMAM

A four-man team competition on Friday, 2nd September.  Entry for this, our third running of this event, is to be made using the OPENS tab on the web-site (Blue Button).  The price includes a two course meal.  (£20 for Members. £35 for Visitors.  Thirteen Visiting Teams by 1st Feb).

Eclectic and Order of Merit

Running in conjunction with the Fourteen in-house Senior Competitions will be the Order of Merit (Points given for the top finishers in each event) and the Eclectic (best score on each hole over the season).   Entrants should enter on or before the first competition on 21st March although late entries will be accepted, only scores recorded later will be included . Both of these competitions will be split into two Categories, with the Eclectic also having a Best Gross prize this year.

In-House Competitions Procedure

The Competitions will be published on the ClubV1Hub & HowdidIdo platforms at least three weeks before the date of the event.  Bookings will close seven days before, however anyone wishing a late entry or withdrawal can contact the Secretary, who will endeavour to help.  Following the booking closure date, a random draw will take place and tee times will be notified electronically.

On the morning of the Comp collect your card and pay in the Pro-Shop, after play please enter your scores onto the computer via your phone or directly using the Screen in the Clubhouse where you will also be able to enter later competitions, both Senior and Club.

Club Competitions and Casual Golf for Handicapping

For those who want to submit more than the Fourteen Cards available above into the World Handicapping System (WHS) there are Club Competitions available most weekends.  You can also, whenever you wish, put in a CASUAL GOLF card, to do this you Sign into either of the Hubs /Todays Golf/Casual Golf tell the system which tees and scoring system that you are using.  After play (or during if you like) you can enter your scores.  As is the case with all qualifying cards, your handicap will be revised during the night.  Actual Cards most still be submitted to the Club Handicap Committee via the Pro-Shop.

All Singles Stableford or Medal competitions will be played off 95% of Course Handicap. This means;

Course Handicaps 10 or less = Course Handicap

Course Handicaps 11 to 30    = Course handicap – 1

Course Handicaps 31 & over  = Course Handicap – 2

Entry Fees & Prizes

Monthly Stablefords/Medals £2 – Five prizes.

Board Competitions £4 – Five prizes

Knockout £3 - at least prizes for Winner & Runner-up depending on number of entries

Eclectic £2.50 – Prizes in Two Categories 0-19 and 20 & over, again depending on numbers plus best gross.

Order of Merit £2.50  - Prizes in Two Categories 0-19 and 20 & over, again depending on numbers.

Watson Trophy £7 Members (£25 Visitors) Prizes 1st Overall Plus at least first three in each of the three age Categories Under 65s, Under 75s and Over 75s.

Seniors AMAM £20 Members (£35 Visitors) Prizes for at least Top Three Teams, Nearest the Pins etc.  Entry fee includes Two Course Meal (not optional).


Further information regarding anything “Seniors” please contact Seniors’ Secretary: John Wood, 01526 321438 / 07824 990639 / jiwseven@gmail.com