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Seniors Match Report South Kyme v Blankney

For our final inter-club match, the weather could not have been better, sunshine and a light breeze. The course is in good condition and very playable. The final result was South Kyme 3 1/2, Blankney 4 1/2. That is our first double this year. 
It makes our final total Played 27, Won 12, Drawn 1, Lost 14.
Finally a plea !!!
On Monday last, Mandy an I had 2 full teams for the Ladies and Seniors Team Scramble. Since Monday I have had 3 cancellations and countless "sorry, not available" s.  I cannot envisage having to tell the Ladies that the Seniors cannot raise the enthusiasm to join in this. 
If you are available please call me or email me.
John Thompson(Seniors' Captain)

Seniors' Qualifier Monday 9th October

Clause 13.1 of the CONGU UHS allows a Club to run qualifying competitions if there are temporary tees and not more than two temporary greens in play. The adjusted length, however, must not vary by more than 100 yards from the course's official measured length.
Information received suggests that tining will not be well advanced by the time the qualifier is underway.
Accordingly, Monday will be a Qualifier and CSS will be calculated for the course played for handicap purposes.
Any scores on Temporary Greens will not be used in the Eclectic competition.
Unless circumstances change, that is the decision for Monday.
John Thompson(Seniors' Captain)

Seniors' Match Report v Carholme at home

For the final home inter-club match, against Carholme Seniors, we had a fine day. There was a challenging breeze on the front 9, which made for interesting golf. The whole match was played in good spirits and the outcome was a win for Blankney Seniors 5 -2.


John Thompson(Seniors' Captain)

Match Report Ex-RAF v Rest of Seniors

On a benign morning, with a light breeze and dry weather, the Ex RAF team beat The Others (my how I hate that team name, but Anti-Aircraft Crew is too long for the shields), by 5 games to 2.
Congratulations To Mike and his team. 
Thanks to Mike for organising the event, and for the whisky.
I am happy to hand over the captaincy of The Others (UGH) to Ray Harrison in 2018.
John Thompson(Seniors' Captain)

Seniors' Match Report Blankney v Belton Woods

Last minute scramble for a team, many thanks to everybody, especially those who came in late.
The weather was great, the first dry day for a fortnight for me.
Good games played in good spirit.
The result was a win for Belton Woods 5 1/2 to 2 1/2, which means that along with Louth and Woodhall Spa, they have won home and away.
John Thompson(Seniors' Captain)
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