Seniors Noticeboard : SENIORS ECLECTIC 2016ΒΆ




I shall be collecting £2 per head from all those members wishing to participate again in the Eclectic. I will be lurking in the clubhouse for anyone wanting to pay or alternatively will members leave payment for me in an envelope behind the bar.


1 There will be two Divisions as before:

A-handicap 18 and below.

B-handicap 19 and above.

2 Handicaps will remain as at 1 March 2016 as shown on ‘howdidido’ and rounded up or down to the nearest 0.5 of a shot.

3 One half of handicap is deducted from each gross score to give net score and end of season placings.

4 Only those who have competed in one or more of the competitions, (which include monthly qualifiers and the medal), are included and other players will be included when they participate in later competitions.

5 Additional players who have paid contributions are included.

6 Players still showing NR on one or more holes are listed at the bottom of each table.

7 If you have any queries do ring me on 07882006747 or email me on ‘’.


John Morgan

2 February 2016