Result of Ex-RAF v The Rest of Seniors match

Seniors Noticeboard : Result of Ex-RAF v The Rest of Seniors match

The Few Shot Down BY The Overwhelming Numbers Of The Rest

On a glorious September day The Few were valiantly defeated by The Rest of the Seniors. Two of the first three matches were only lost on the eighteenth hole, and considering that The Few were without a lot of their potential players because of holiday commitments, the final result of 7 - 3 to The Rest was not a complete disgrace. If the match is to continue into a third year it may be necessary to consider initiating a ban on all leave for ex-RAF Seniors for a period up to and including the day of the match.

Thanks to everybody that took part yesterday. Particular thanks to Chris Cawthorne and Ray Harrison who stepped in at short notice and represented the ex-RAF, even though neither of them had ever taken the Queen's shilling. 

Well done to Roy McIlwain and his team!  Remember though this was only an early skirmish and the war is yet to be won! "Per ardua ad astra" and all that.